Spray Tanning Tips for Brides to Be from The Tan Cabana, Annapolis’s Premier Luxury Airbrush Tanning Salon

BY: The Tan Cabana Staff

The Tan Cabana is Annapolis’s premier spray tan salon in the area, and is so excited to have been invited by the Dorsey sisters and Dorsey Beauty Onsite Artistry to talk today about spray tanning tips for brides!

As an award-winning professional airbrush tanning salon (check out our flagship location in Jacksonville Beach, Florida!), The Tan Cabana has a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to helping our brides look and feel bronzed and beautiful before their big day.

A lot of brides worry beforehand about receiving a spray tan, how the process works, whether the color might look too dark, not dark enough, or just plain orange, whether it will rub off on their dress…so many questions, and The Tan Cabana in Annapolis is here to answer them:

  1. Always schedule a trial spray tan before your big day to perfect that color! (And relieve any of your anxieties about the overall look.)

The Tan Cabana utilizes a professional spray tanning solution by Infinity Sun that is all-natural and is adjusted to your skin tone and desired look. Our spray tan specialists discuss your needs beforehand, and hand-spray the solution with our top-of-the-line equipment so that no spots are missed! A trial spray tan beforehand is essential for deciding whether you’d like to go darker, lighter, or love the bronze color as-is! We always recommend scheduling the tan before the bachelorette party, bridal shower or other event to enjoy it that much more.

The best part? The Tan Cabana offers our Glowing Bride package for $110, which includes TWO custom spray tans as well as our exclusive Shimmer Hydration treatment for the big day, so that your skin shimmers and glows as you walk down the aisle.

  1. When should you schedule your final spray tan before the wedding?

For best results, schedule your final Tan Cabana spray tan two days before the wedding (so you look golden for your rehearsal dinner!). We recommend coming in the evening beforehand and waiting overnight before rinsing off the next day. Wait at least 12 hours before showering to allow the solution to develop, though you don’t have to shower immediately at that time. Lots of our brides enjoy the cosmetic bronzer that the spray tan first provides, and hold off on showering for that extra pop of shimmery color!

**Remember, brides, that manicures, pedicures, facials and other skin/beauty treatments should be scheduled before your final pre-wedding spray tan to ensure the color doesn’t turn blotchy and develops correctly!**

  1. How should you prepare for your custom spray tan?

The Tan Cabana recommends that before both of your custom airbrush tans, you exfoliate with a non-oil-based exfoliator for several days beforehand. Avoid products by Dove, Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, as they all leave a film on your skin that can prevent the solution from developing evenly as well as causing the spray tan to fade more quickly.

Shave the day before your appointment and avoid any oil-based lotions/moisturizers. On the day of your appointment, do not apply any lotion, baby oil, deodorants, makeup or other products to your face or body before or right after the spray tan. As mentioned above, The Tan Cabana recommends that a spray tan with us is scheduled in the evening (and we are more than willing to accommodate your busy wedding appointment needs!), that you sleep in dark, comfy clothes, and rinse off at least 12 hours later.

For more in-depth airbrush tan tips, check out The Tan Cabana’s “Tanning Tips” page here.

  1. How can you ensure your Tan Cabana spray tan lasts through the honeymoon?

With proper moisturizing, your Tan Cabana airbrush tan can last between 7-10 days! The Tan Cabana offers several moisturizing products that are extremely effective in prolonging your spray tan—be sure to ask about our Glow on the Go and Hydrate Extend in the salon.

Other tips for brides wanting to prolong their airbrush tan:

-Avoid pools/hot tubs (especially chlorine-filled ones!), saunas, and excessive physical activities that result in perspiration. In the shower, use gentle soaps applied by hand, and dab your skin with a towel to dry off (no vigorous rubbing!).

Whether it’s your wedding day, prom, beach vacation or just a little pick-me-up, The Tan Cabana in Annapolis is always here to answer any of your airbrush tanning questions and get you scheduled! We are open 7 days a week by appointment only, and you can book online 24/7 here

or call/text Sara Lawrence: 410.456.6831. We can’t wait to see you!


Many thanks again to Melissia and Meghan for hosting us on Dorsey Beauty’s blog today!